Worcestershire Pride

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Worcestershire Pride are a group of LGBT+ Worcestershire residents from all walks of life who believe in supporting, empowering and connecting the Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Pan, Ace/Aro, Trans, and Non-binary community.  


On September 23rd 2017, we held the first Worcestershire Pride event by the river front in Worcester. We also ran an LGBT+ Arts Festival in the run up to the main day event, and various fundraisers to unite to community whilst raising community funds for Worcestershire Pride.


Since then we have grown, and in 2019 we hosted our 3rd Pride event for Worcestershire with a record breaking turn out and over 1000 people join in the walking parade. The committee were gearing up to host our fourth LGBT+ Pride festival this September, but due to the Coronavirus pandemic we will be hosting a Virtual Pride Party on 19th September when Pride was due to take place, to ensure that Pride fans don’t miss out completely this year.


If anyone would like to get involved we'd love to hear from you! Just email info@worcestershirepride.org 

You can find out more about Worcestershire Pride via social media and online: